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Non-Surgical treatment of Hair loss

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Hair undoubtedly is one of the most valued and constantly cherished parts of the body by most people. In fact, it is through the hair that many people express their identities by exhibiting myriad hairstyles. No wonder, healthy hair is a determinant of quality of life and social integration. In such a scenario, hair loss can certainly prove detrimental in almost every aspect of someone's life.
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While there are many treatments available for hair loss, some recent advancements in the hair restoration field has brought about many new non-surgical treatment procedures. One of them is PRP treatment in Bangalore or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. In this process, doctors draw blood from a person and after a biochemical process, PRP is prepared. It is then injected into the scalp. This leads to the release of growth factors present in the platelets and by doing so hair growth is naturally triggered. Also, blood supply to the hair follicles can be increased and maintained, augmenting the thickness of the hair shaft. Mostly, this therapy is used in combination with other modes of treatment. This treatment requires regular therapy of 3 sessions at 4 weeks intervals. In this therapy, a person's blood is drawn and put in the centrifuge and separated into RBCs, platelet-rich and platelet-poor plasma. Finally, the platelet-rich plasma is injected into the scalp of the person to augment the hair growth. Some PRP treatment for hair loss in Bangalore includes ECM Extracellular Matrix, like ACell or BioD-Restore.
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  • Why should you choose Midas Cosmetic Surgery Clinic for non surgical hair restoration?

* Dr.Madhukumar M.G. is a Senior Consultant Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon with considerable experience and expertise in performing hair transplants.

* He completed his MCh training in Plastic surgery at the prestigious Grant Medical College and JJ group of hospitals in Mumbai in the year 2005 and has more than 15 years of experience as a Consultant Cosmetic Plastic surgeon.

* He has performed more than 750 hair transplants independently as a Consultant since 2005.

* He performs only one hair transplant per day. All the steps of the surgery like hairline design, harvesting of the grafts and placement of all the grafts are performed only by Dr. Madhukumar M.G.This aspect of the doctor being with his patients throughout the surgery is highly appreciated.

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Hair Restoration Hair Restoration Hair Restoration
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Hair Restoration Hair Restoration Hair Restoration
  • Which candidate is ideal for PRP treatment for hair loss in Bangalore?
Patients with early to moderate grades of Patterned hair loss (both men and women) are ideal candidates for PRP treatment. Patients with alopecia areata where there are functioning hair follicles still visible are candidates too.
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  • When can we begin to see the results of PRP in Bangalore?
Since measurements are made every quarter to check for Hair Mass Index using certain devices, the improvement can be tracked. It may take 4-5 months to visually analyse the actual results of PRP treatment in Bangalore. Any average hair loss patient requires PRP to be done annually.
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  • Is there any risk involved in PRP treatment in Bangalore?
PRP treatment in Bangalore is actually risk free as it is prepared from one's own blood and relaxed procedure. It takes very less time practically apart from the preparation time involved. The patient is made to feel at ease. Occasionally there might be swelling on the scalp which usually goes away on the second day. Candidates having blood disorders need to be cautious. Also patients on particular medications are advised to be careful. At Midas Hair Clinic, we use the best system of kits and centrifuges in order to prepare PRP in Bangalore with high quality standards.
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  • What is the recovery time after taking PRP treatment for hair loss in Bangalore?

In fact there are very few restrictions involved after PRP treatment for hair loss in Bangalore. Shampooing, conditioning and showering can be done after a few hours and regular daily normal chores can be performed.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) in Bangalore

Another non-surgical treatment procedure for hair loss is LLLT (Low-level Laser Therapy in Bangalore). In this process, light that is monochromatic and near infra-red is used in order to improve the healing of the body. In this method, light energy also called as photons, is made to break through the tissue by placing it on the skin and this results in the circulation being increased by bringing back the cells to function normally. In sharp contrast to surgical lasers, LLLT in Bangalore (Low-Level Laser Therapy) has the advantage of keeping the skin intact without breaking it. This therapy is useful for restoring and promoting the growth of hair.

Experts in the field of medicine and physicians specializing in treating hair loss are of the opinion that the results can be remarkable in persons with androgenetic alopecia, i.e. patients with male pattern baldness and Female pattern hair loss, which is usually inherited. They suggest that this form of treatment is successful for people suffering from slight to moderates grades of hair loss as far as patterned baldness is concerned. It is also observed that this treatment results in improvement of the hair condition, although, the results might not be the same in every individual. Research has proved that LLLT (Low-Level Laser Therapy) results in the reversal of programmed cell expiry, i.e. follicular apoptosis. There is absolutely no heat involved in this therapy and persons receiving the treatment don't experience any sensation as far as their skin is concerned. The cold light laser of the LLLT (Low-Level Laser Therapy) is accepted globally, and there are no typical side-effects unlike other pills or topical medication.

It must be noted that LLLT (Low-level Laser Therapy in Bangalore) used in the promotion of hair growth is not a single use therapy. This therapy must be done on a continuous basis at regular intervals in order to achieve the desired results. There must be at 2 sessions weekly for 20 minutes, and results become obvious usually after 4-6 months. Thereafter it is highly recommended to adhere to a regular maintenance plan of two sessions weekly in order to preserve the growth and make the hair healthier and strong.

Hair Restoration Hair Restoration Hair Restoration
  • What exactly is LLLT in Bangalore?
This therapy is also known as Cold light therapy takes the help of lasers to project light onto the scalp thereby penetrating the skin and stimulating the cells to produce protein. This LLLT in Bangalore helps in strengthening the keratin by boosting production of protein and stimulating the follicles to continue growth of hair.
  • How long does LLLT take to show results?
LLLT in Bangalore can show results from twelve to twentyfour weeks. However, the results may vary from person to person. There is visible reduction in the hair loss initially in the first two to four months.
Hair Restoration Hair Restoration Hair Restoration
  • Who is the right candidate for Low-level Laser Therapy in Bangalore?
Candidates whose hair is present on the scalp but thinning gradually are the ideal candidates. Also it is effective for people with male or female pattern baldness apart from common hair thinning in women. It works best in follicles which are active and is best suited for hair loss in early stages.
Hair Restoration Hair Restoration Hair Restoration
  • What is the advantage of getting LLLT treatment done at Midas Hair Clinic?
LLLT (Low-level Laser Therapy in Bangalore) can be safely administered by your friendly hair restoration surgeon at Midas Hair Clinic, Bangalore under the expert supervision of Dr.M.G. Madhukumar. Apart from this, hair loss patients at Midas Hair Clinic also have the advantage of getting small devices like Comb, Cap or brush for this purpose. In the hair restoration facility at Midas Hair Clinic, bigger devices like Hood and Caps are used. Over the counter LLLT (Low-Level Laser Therapy) devices are available which are easy to use and hands-free. These devices can be used by the patient at home without the supervision of the physician.

Medical treatment for Hair loss in Bangalore
Yet another non-surgical procedure is to go for medication. There are many medications available to treat baldness related to hereditary pattern. One of the most popular over the counter medication for both men and women is Minoxidil. It usually comes in a liquid or foamy form intended to be applied to the scalp every day. It usually takes around six months for the results to manifest. Another prescription based drug is Finasteride for men. It usually works best for men below the age of 60. Hair loss can be averted and new hair growth experienced. Nutritional supplements and correction of nutritional deficiencies also play an important role in the management of hair loss.
Hair Restoration Hair Restoration Hair Restoration
  • How can inherited hair loss be treated by medicines?
To treat inherited hair loss, medicines are used which slows the process of thinning of hair and increases the scalp coverage overall by aiding in new hair growth.The existing hair shafts getting thickened.
Hair Restoration Hair Restoration Hair Restoration
  • Are medicines effective in treating hair loss?
For inherited hair loss, medicines like Minoxidil and Finasteride are proven to be very effective. It all depends on several factors like age and the precise location of the hair loss. They might not work the same for everyone and they must be used daily. It takes around 4-6 months for the results to manifest. Since medicines slow the process of thinning of hair and thereby increase the scalp coverage overall by aiding in new hair growth, stopping the usage will result in losing any hair that has grown.
Hair Restoration Hair Restoration Hair Restoration
  • Are there any side effects of using Medications for hair loss?
Generally, the medicines are safe and tolerated very well. Minoxidil can rarely cause mild headache, irritation of the skin and a scalp that itches. Women may tend to grow hair on the forehead or cheeks after prolonged use of minoxidil. People having heart problems must consult the doctor before using this medicine.

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation in bangalore (SMP)
SMP or Scalp Micro-Pigmentation is the process of creating an illusion of fuller hair. In this process, tiny layered dots are micro pigmented using an electro tattoo device to create an illusion of a shadow of the hair follicles on the scalp. This process gives the scalp a natural definition and also appears to show depth. The expert surgeon makes the dots to look very natural like a follicle of hair and integrate it into the complexion of the scalp. This process is a boon for many types of hair loss which includes male and female pattern baldness, hair thinning, alopecia and cancer too. Scalp Micro- Pigmentation involves application of a topical numbing agent or local anaesthesia initially to the scalp.
Hair Restoration Hair Restoration Hair Restoration
  • What is the duration of this process?
Scalp Micro- Pigmentation usually takes around 1-3 hours per session and is also dependent on the hair loss extent. There is a spacing of 30 days between the first two sessions.
Hair Restoration Hair Restoration Hair Restoration
  • How many treatments should one take to complete a course?
Since Scalp Micro- Pigmentation is not a onetime process, it must be noted that there must be at least 3 to 4 sessions for a complete course of treatment and is also dependent on the extent of hair loss and scarring.
Hair Restoration Hair Restoration Hair Restoration
  • Is Scalp Micro- Pigmentation a permanent process for lifetime?
Scalp Micro- Pigmentation can be considered to be a type of semi-permanent makeup cosmetically. This treatment may last for 12-18 months but the patients might at times experience slight fading of the colour and can come back for a touch up.
Finally, another technique that aids in non-surgical hair restoration is the age old camouflaging trick. There are a variety of options available to camouflage and conceal hair loss in order to enable a good looking scalp. They are wigs- either partial or full, concealing powders, sprays, hair extensions and surgical tattoos. One of the first products to conceal hair loss that comes to one's mind is undoubtedly the wig. Wigs can be permanent or temporary. They are either wefted and least expensive or netted and expensive. The foundation for wefted wigs is synthetic hair, whereas the foundation for netted wigs is combination of human hair and synthetic. Many of the wigs are attached to the scalp by adjustable Velcro straps and bands. Taping and bonding is also used to secure the wigs. Some other alternative concealing agents are topical hair fibres, positively charged keratin wool which adheres to vellus fibres of existing hair on the scalp. Powder cakes can be applied to the scalp with the help of a sponge and later on brushed to distribute the product evenly on the scalp. Camouflage sprays and lotions are also available in the market for application on the scalp and balancing the existing hair.
Hair Restoration Hair Restoration Hair Restoration
  • What are camouflage sprays?
Camouflage sprays are thickening and colour sprays to conceal balding by adding texture and integrating it into the remaining hair. They conceal bald spots and give an appearance of fullness of hair.
Hair Restoration Hair Restoration Hair Restoration
  • Is real hair wig better or synthetic wig?
Real hair wigs resist heat and can be curled, washed and straightened and also last longer. Synthetic wigs are easily manageable and light weight. They dry quickly and the colour is retained for a longer time. The disadvantages of natural real hair wigs are that they are heavy and fade quickly and are expensive.
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  • Mr. Ashutosh, 28 yrs.

    It was approximately 5 years back when I came to Bangalore and immediately after I felt hair loss. I met many trichologists, but found no improvement.

  • Mr. CSR Mohan, 53 yrs.

    I refer to the hair transplant done 10 months back. Presently the transplant seems to be very successful as the hair growth is normal. When the hair growth became normal, I felt better and relaxed .

  • Mr. John, 25 yrs

    I am taking this moment to thank Dr. Madhukumar M.G, who performed multiple surgeries on my face and had also done hair transplantation procedure on me. I am completely satisfied with his treatment

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    It has been a good experience in getting my hair transplantation done at your clinic. The results are good. The follow up from your side has been really good.

  • Dr. Madan, 35 yrs.

    I have undergone hair transplantation at by Dr. Madhukumar M.G at Midas Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. The process was very smooth, and post procedure was uneventful.

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