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PRP Treatment in Bangalore

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PRP treatment in Bangalore | PRP treatment for hair loss in Bangalore

PRP treatment, also known as Platelet-rich plasma therapy is one of the newer techniques in hair restoration. Platelets rich plasma is obtained from the blood of the patient and used in the hair restoration treatment. Platelets contain growth factors, which typically are useful in rejuvenation and activation of the cells in the body. When used for hair restoration, PRP works to stimulate miniaturized and dormant hair follicles.
A small quantity of blood is drawn from the patient. It is then processed by spinning in a centrifuge at speeds that are already calculated, in order to yield the optimum platelets concentration. Later on, platelet rich plasma is obtained and injected into the scalp in areas where there is hair thinning and hair loss. As PRP is derived from the patient’s own blood, there is no chance of an allergic reaction. This treatment is used for hair thinning in early stages of Patterned hair loss.
Being a perfectly natural approach, hair growth can be improved. In order to achieve a better result, it can be used in conjunction with medications such as Minoxidil and Finesteride.  Lately, the PRP treatment is being widely used in the field of hair restoration. When PRP is applied in a subcutaneous level, it can help in non-surgical reversal of miniaturized hair follicles. As far as hair restoration surgery is concerned, PRP can help in faster healing and improved hair growth. PRP treatment in Bangalore

Low level Laser Therapy (LLLT) in Bangalore

Low level laser light, when applied to the scalp, is one of the newest therapies to treat hair loss. For the purpose of stimulation of hair growth, red light (in the spectrum of 630-670 nanometres and low power) has been found to most effective. Red light in that narrow spectrum at low power is absorbed by hair follicle molecules critical to stimulating hair growth or regrowth.
Low level Laser Therapy (LLLT) does not stimulate hair regrowth in every person. Experience has shown that stimulation of hair regrowth by LLLT is more likely to occur when hair loss is minimal to moderate AND less likely when hair loss is major or long standing. LLLT is more effective when used in conjunction with other medical therapies such as Minoxidil and Finasteride. This technique is designed around a scientific concept known as ‘Photo Bio-therapy’. This involves the use of laser lights to stimulate cell growth. As with drug treatments, patients who seem to respond to this form of therapy have areas of thinning, rather than areas of the scalp those are completely bald. Laser therapy for hair loss can be administered in a doctor's office and is also available in a smaller home version. Hand-held "comb", "brush" or "cap" laser devices are marketed for use at home. Larger "hood" or "cap" devices are used in hair restoration clinics.

Hair Pieces and Camouflage

Some people may choose to wear hair pieces or wigs to achieve good coverage. This is useful for patients when sufficient density cannot be achieved by surgery and medical treatment. Hair weaving and Hair bonding are different techniques used.

Another easy and convenient way is to use topical powders or sprays to camouflage the areas of thinning scalp. These are keratin based fibres which adhere to the existing hair and give an appearance of dense hair.



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  • Mr. Ashutosh, 28 yrs.

    It was approximately 5 years back when I came to Bangalore and immediately after I felt hair loss. I met many trichologists, but found no improvement.

  • Mr. CSR Mohan, 53 yrs.

    I refer to the hair transplant done 10 months back. Presently the transplant seems to be very successful as the hair growth is normal. When the hair growth became normal, I felt better and relaxed .

  • Mr. John, 25 yrs

    I am taking this moment to thank Dr. Madhukumar M.G, who performed multiple surgeries on my face and had also done hair transplantation procedure on me. I am completely satisfied with his treatment

  • Mr. Kapil, 31 yrs

    It has been a good experience in getting my hair transplantation done at your clinic. The results are good. The follow up from your side has been really good.

  • Dr. Madan, 35 yrs.

    I have undergone hair transplantation at by Dr. Madhukumar M.G at Midas Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. The process was very smooth, and post procedure was uneventful.

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