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Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is another method of harvesting the follicular unit grafts. In FUE method, the individual follicular units are extracted one at a time from the donor area.
This is performed using micro-punches of 0.8 and 1.0 mm diameter, either manually or by a motorized device. The punch incises the skin surface around each hair follicle before they are carefully teased out manually with forceps. During extraction, removal of adjacent follicular units is to be avoided as it may cause the appearance of a line scar. A random or zigzag pattern is utilized, keeping 4-5 adjacent follicular units intact. Over-harvesting in a particular area may lead to ‘see-through’ or ‘moth eaten’ appearance. There is no requirement for stitches as the donor area heals in a few days.

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When compared to Strip harvesting technique, FUE causes less pain, quicker healing and less visible scarring.

It is the technique which has made harvesting from the beard and body possible. FUE also offers the ability to harvest the maximum number of grafts in a single session by “combining strip harvesting with FUE”. This has an added advantage of reducing the tension on strip scar closure.

FUE method is useful for people who want to keep the hair at the back very short (Buzz cut), as there is no visible linear scar.

Other benefit includes the ability to resume strenuous activities almost immediately after the procedure.

It is useful in corrective procedures, in removing improperly placed follicular units in repair hair transplants and to camouflage bad strip scars.


The main limitation of FUE compared to ‘strip technique’ is that it is less efficient in harvesting hair from the permanent zone. Harvesting hair follicles for transplantation from regions of the scalp lying outside the borders of the safe donor area poses two increased risks:

  • Only temporary survival of the transplanted follicles
  • Subsequent donor scar exposure if the follicles have been removed from a region of eventual substantial or total hair loss.

Another disadvantage in cases where large sessions are planned is that the entire donor area needs to be shaved, leading to a significant short term cosmetic problem in many people. In contrast, in the ‘strip technique’, the incision site is covered by the surrounding hair and is invisible immediately after the procedure.

A subsequent procedure may lead to less graft yield and higher rate of transaction due to scarring caused by the first procedure.

The cost of FUE method is more than the Strip method, per follicular graft, as considerably more time is required to complete a session of equal number of grafts.


The role of Body hair transplantation in Hair restoration is still in its early stage of development. Theoretically, just as hair follicles can be transferred from scalp to scalp, the hair follicles can also be transferred from body to scalp. But one must remember that hair follicles on the scalp differ from the hair follicles from other parts of the body in their biologic properties, hormone responsiveness, calibre, rate of growth etc. and hence behave differently. This means that the yield can be unpredictable and the growth could be slower and lower. Studies have shown that body hair has a very short growth (anagen) phase and a very long resting (telogen) phase. On the scalp most of the hair will be visible as almost 90 % are in growing phase while for e.g. on the leg only 40% of hair will be visible as the rest are in resting phase. Also, the duration of growth phase (which decides the length of your hair) is lower and hence these hairs do not reach the length of scalp hair.

Body Hair Transplant (BHT) uses the same principles of extraction as FUE, but the hair is extracted from various parts of the body like beard, chest, back, limbs, arm pits and pubic area. BHT is a relatively new form of hair replacement and in certain special situations it may be considered for hair restoration. A Body Hair Transplant is considered after a thorough consultation, patient education and selection with regard to yield and cosmetic impact. Nonetheless, BHT offers hope for patients who are not candidates for traditional hair transplants and for those who desire an alternative and additional source of hair.

Patient selection for BHT

  • When no scalp donor hair would be available for transplantation
  • When there is abundant body hair of good quality
  • When a person desires more density after hair transplant from the scalp(due to limited donor supply)
  • Patient does not have keloidal tendencies.

Preparation for body hair transplant

If you are taking oral finasteride, you should stop it 3 months before the transplant, as it may affect the body hair negatively. The area chest/back/beard may be chosen as a donor source. The density and calibre of the hair in this area should be good. Check for any evidence keloid or hypertrophic scarring especially when chest or back is the donor area.

It is ideal to shave the area at least 3-4 days before the surgery.


  • Hypopigmentation(white spotting) or hyperpigmentation.
  • Hypertrophic scarring and keloid formation.
  • Unpredicable and inadequate growth.


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  • Mr. Ashutosh, 28 yrs.

    It was approximately 5 years back when I came to Bangalore and immediately after I felt hair loss. I met many trichologists, but found no improvement.

  • Mr. CSR Mohan, 53 yrs.

    I refer to the hair transplant done 10 months back. Presently the transplant seems to be very successful as the hair growth is normal. When the hair growth became normal, I felt better and relaxed .

  • Mr. John, 25 yrs

    I am taking this moment to thank Dr. Madhukumar, who performed multiple surgeries on my face and had also done hair transplantation procedure on me. I am completely satisfied with his treatment

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    It has been a good experience in getting my hair transplantation done at your clinic. The results are good. The follow up from your side has been really good.

  • Dr. Madan, 35 yrs.

    I have undergone hair transplantation at by Dr. Madhukumar at Midas Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. The process was very smooth, and post procedure was uneventful.